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Silent Roger sound absorber 15 mm 2000×500

(4 customer reviews)
Sheet dimension (mm): 2000*x500

Sheet thickness (mm): 15

Weight per sheet (kg): 0.7

Pieces per pack: 1 pcs

Weight per package(kg): 0.905

Packages on a palette: 105

Produced in the form of a roll



The noise-absorbing foam material of the highest class used to dampen the doors and interior of the vehicle. Self-adhesive, very flexible, one of the most effective first-class sound absorbers.

Silent Roger sound absorber 15 mm 2000×500

One of the most effective sound-absorbing materials of the highest quality. Noise-absorbing foam material based on polyurethane foam with latex impregnation. On the one hand, it has an adhesive layer, thanks to which the material can be easily and simply applied to all surfaces. The undulating soft surface of the material works as a seal between the body of the car and the plastic parts of the interior. In addition to its excellent ability to absorb noise, the Sound Absorber also has a significant memory and shape effect and is therefore also suitable for application in confined spaces. The material contains a highly effective self-adhesive layer adapted for work in hard-to-reach places in the vehicle, which can withstand even extreme temperature changes and high humidity. Sound Absorber is a non-toxic and safe material. Like all Silent Roger materials, it retains the same properties in winter and summer. Silent Roger Sound Absorber is a soundproofing material suitable for preventing all interior plastics from creaking. You can apply it mainly to the plastic door trim and trunk lid, but also to the plastic of the dashboard. It’s used as a second layer that directly applies to Silent Roger Deadener. A non-toxic, odorless, moisture-resistant and UV- resistant product, it doesn’t decompose for several years under the influence of atmospheric conditions. This material can also be used for soundproofing industrial devices, machines and premises, as well as for damping the inside of the speakers and subwoofers.

4 reviews for Silent Roger sound absorber 15 mm 2000×500

  1. Matus

    Top cena/kvalita. Prišlo cez deň

  2. Peter

    Až tak veľa som neočakával, ale určite to dala svoj efekt. Cena top

  3. Dalibor

    Pouzite na odhlučnenie dodavky. Funguje skvele.

  4. Erik

    Nevyhnutnost za reproduktor!!

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