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Silent Roger sound damper 4 mm 4000×500

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Sheet dimension (mm): 4000*500

Sheet thickness(mm): 4

Weight per sheet (kg): 0.44

Pieces per pack: 1 pcs

Weight per package(kg): 0.645

Produced in the form of a roll



Professional self-adhesive acoustic foam Silent Roger Damper 4, helps resist corrosion.  The lightweight flexible material has a closed-cell structure.

Silent Roger sound damper 4 mm 4000×500

Self-adhesive acoustic foam, water-resistant, sound and thermal insulation material. Sound Damper is a light flexible material, which has a closed-cell structure, it doesn’t absorb moisture, being long-lasting. Provides perfect sound and thermal insulation in the vehicle. Thanks to its special construction and resistance to moisture, Sound Damper is an excellent material that blocks the entry of noise from the road into the vehicle interior. To achieve the best effect, it is recommended to use the Sound Damper together with the Silent Roger Deadener (the Car Sound Damper should be applied as a second coat to metal parts of the body that have been previously covered with Sound Deadener vibrodanping material). Thanks to its waterproof properties, it’s applied to most parts of the body, such as the floor, roof, wheel arches and doors. The material is non-toxic.

We recommend using: floor, doors, luggage compartment.

1 review for Silent Roger sound damper 4 mm 4000×500

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