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Silent Roger sound isolator 6 mm 3000×500

Sheet dimension(kg): 3000*500

Sheet thickness(mm): 6

Weight per sheet(kg): 0.6

Pieces per pack: 1 pcs

Weight per package(kg): 0.805

Produced in the form of a roll



Modern self-adhesive thermo-acoustic waterproof foam Silent Roger Isolator 6, helps resist corrosion.  Sound and heat insulating soundproofing material.

Silent Roger sound isolator 6 mm 3000×500

Self-adhesive thermoacoustic material based on foam elastic rubber (synthetic rubber) with a combination of closed cells of various shapes and sizes. It’s an excellent product for the noise and thermal insulation of the vehicle. The adhesive layer provides a reliable fastening of the material even to an irregular surface. Eco-friendly and doesn’t cause any allergic reactions, water-resistant. Thanks to these properties, Silent Roger Sound Isolator is one of the most effective materials on the market for thermal and sound insulation of bodies. To achieve the best effect, it’s recommended to use this product together with Silent Roger Deadener, which is used to damper vibrations (thermoacoustic foam Silent Isolator should be applied as a second layer to the elements of the body, with Silent Roger Deadener being used as the first layer). The product is not recommended for insulating door panels or surfaces made of similar plastic upholstery elements.

We recommend using: floor, roof, doors, inside and outside wheels arches.


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