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If the buyer purchases a defective product, he/she has right to make a warranty claim. In order to provide proper evaluation, it is necessary that the returned product is clean, complete and in compliance with hygiene regulations or general hygienic requirements. In addition to generally known rules, the Buyer is obliged to observe the conditions stipulated for the use of the product in the warranty certificate or in the instructions for use, to use and treat the goods in accordance with their durability.


Warranty Claim can be made in writing by e-mail, by mail to Gsg trade s. r. o., Jaltská 771/15 040 22 Košice – mestská časť Dargovských hrdinov, or by phone: +421944450539. The returned products can be sent by Slovak Post to the address given above. We recommend to insure the product. We do not accept products send by cash on delivery service. The warranty claim must include a written description of the defects that are the subject of a claim and proof of purchase, warranty certificate or advice of delivery. One of the above documents is enough to exercise the rights of liability for defects (warranty claim). The warranty period shall start on the day the following conditions are fulfilled:

a) the delivery of the Notice of Warranty Claim to the Seller,

b) the delivery of the product to the seller by the buyer;


If the product does not satisfy you and you need to replace it with another one, you can use the exchange service. In this way, only the product that was purchased can be exchanged, not the product that was send as a gift. It is needed to send the order number, the unsatisfactory product and the product you want to get in an exchange by email, facebook, or phone. Our customer care colleagues will prepare a package for a forwarding company who will deliver the right product to you the next day and they will also require a well packed product you want to exchange.


To return the product, it is possible to send it undamaged within 30 days. Send it to us: Gsg trade s. r. o., Jaltská 771/15 040 22 Košice – mestská časť Dargovských hrdinov.

After receipt of the package, we will send you a refund as soon as possible.


The seller is responsible that the sold product has the quality and utility properties generally requested by the seller or described by the manufacturer or expected to comply with the requirements of the law is in the specified quantity and corresponds to the purpose which the seller indicates or for which the product is usually used. The seller is responsible for defects that occur after the purchase of the product during the warranty period.

The Seller is not responsible for defects in case:

  • the buyer has caused the defect himself,
  • the buyer was aware of the product’s defects before the receipt, and he/she was provided with a discount on the product,
  • the warranty claim is contrary to the nature of the goods, in particular, the expiry of the durability of the product for which the discount was provided,
  • the defects arose during the warranty period due to the wear and tear of the goods, their incorrect or excessive use, or which arose after the expiry of the durability of the product,
  • caused by the intervention of the buyer or other person on the product or its part.

After the receipt of the warranty claim, a warranty certificate will be issued with the date of the received claim, the product being claimed, when and where the product was purchased, the defect and the price of the product. If the buyer claims a defect, the seller will properly check the claim and will immediately decide about the settlement of the warranty claim, in complex cases within 3 days. The seller will perform a refund/exchange/return within 30 days of the date of the warranty claim.


The seller is responsible for defects of the products during 3 months from receipt of the product by the buyer, in case the warranty period is not stated on the product, its packaging or on the warranty certificate. If the product under warranty is repaired, the warranty period extends from the warranty claim time until the consumer is obliged to take over the product after the repair, even if he did not do so. If the product is exchanged for new one, a new warranty period starts from the date the product was received, or sent to the buyer. If the warranty claim of the defective product is not performed during the warranty period, the right of liability for the defect shall expire. The buyer will be informed about the settlement of the warranty claim, personally, by phone or by email.


In the case of defects of products which the consumer claimed to repair during the warranty period, he has the right that to have the product repaired free of charge, properly and in due time. In case the defects cannot be repaired and which prevent the proper use of product, the consumer has the right to exchange the product or right to withdraw from purchase and request a refund of the purchase price. If the defect can be repaired, but due to recurring defects after repair the consumer cannot properly use the product, he/she has the right to exchange the product or to receive the refund of purchase price of the product. The buyer has the same rights as with defects that cannot be repaired, during the repair of faulty products within 30 days of claiming. In the case of defects which cannot be repaired and prevent the proper use of the product, the consumer has the right to receive an appropriate discount on the price of the product.


In accordance with Act No. 428/2002 Coll.Z.z. on the protection of personal data. The owner of www.silentroger.com e-shop undertakes that any personal data that is entrusted to it shall not be, without the consent of the owner of the data, provided to any third party; and he shall not use the entrusted personal data to a commercial offer unrelated to the promotion of the www.silentroger.com. At the same time, he undertakes to delete the personal data from its database at the customer’s request without being provided with any reasons.

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