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       Car sound insulation is a special technology, a process that is necessary to reduce noise in the passenger compartment, reduce noise levels of various origins and reduce vibration load.

       Soundproofing is a very important step in car tuning. In addition, the treatment of the vehicle with sound insulating materials significantly increases passive safety and introduces anti-corrosion properties, as these materials are not affected by corrosion.

       In order to effectively resist noise, you need to understand the reasons for it:


  • The first and most important problem is external noise. What kind of outside noise can be? for example, it’s road noise. You may be disturbed by the sounds of gravel and sand hitting the wheel arches, the louder sound of wet roads, the sounds of springs or the sounds around moving cars, especially large trucks.
  • The second problem is internal noise. Now listen to the sounds of your own car. How loud is the engine running on the spot or when accelerating? Or maybe something is squeaking in the cab, especially if the car has been around for several years and has covered tens of thousands of kilometers?
  • The third problem, which is equally common, is thermal insulation. We always want the car to heat up faster and cool down more slowly in winter. And in summer, on the other hand, it’s necessary for the interior to be less warm from the sun and to keep the air conditioning cooler longer. Sometimes we can’t get in a car for a long time while the cab has cooled down. Do you know this problem? Probably yes.

The soundproofing of the vehicle with Silent Roger materials will enable a significant reduction in the noise that penetrates into the interior of the vehicle, thus significantly increasing driving comfort and convenience.

Gradually we will go to how to make a full or partial sound insulation of your own car. Car soundinsulation is a relatively complex process that involves three key stages:


  1. Absolute disassembly of all parts of the interior (when we get to the body panel itself, it is necessary to get rid of all dirt)
  2. Soundproofing itself, installation of damping materials as the first layer and subsequent sound-absorbing materials (thermal insulation, sound insulation) as a kind, or also the third layer of soundproofing
  3. Complete assembly and assessment of the quality of work performed when the car moves.


What tools you need for Soundproofing:

  • Roller
  • Automotive body tape
  • Screwdriver set
  • Cleaning agent and cleaning rags
  • Work gloves
  • Utility knife

       So, let’s go to the application of the sound insulation of the vehicle with our own hands. In fact, with the following soundproofing strategies, you can reduce the sound level in your car by approximately 50%, even more if your car is newer and well-insulated.


  1. Application of Silent Roger vibrodamping material.

You must first disassemble the interior of the vehicle or only the parts of the vehicle interior whose sound insulation will be carried out. With the effective Silent Roger Deadener, you can suppress or completely prevent vibrations. Cut the anti-vibration material into the necessary parts to cover previously prepared surfaces. It should be roughly determined where the material will be glued so that there are no large gaps. Carefully remove the backing paper from the sheet, then apply it to the surface and gently press it from the center to the edges with a roller. Try to cover as much of the body surface area as possible. Once the first layer is adhered, you can continue to apply soundproofing materials.


  1. Application of Silent Roger soundproofing materials.


As a second layer we will apply Silent Roger sound absorbing materials, for example Sound Absorber, Sound Damper or Sound Isolator. Depending on which part you want to insulate, for each area of ​​the vehicle it’s advisable to use a suitable material vehicle corresponds to each material you find in the individual product cards). The most common mistake is to omit one of the layers, which will essentially prevent effective soundproofing of the vehicle. The main function of these materials is therefore to prevent the penetration of noise into the interior of the vehicle and to increase the level of acoustic insulation of the vehicle. All Silent Roger brand materials are waterproof, don’t absorb moisture and don’t rot. In addition to everything, they also perform a thermal insulation, which is a very important function. The actual process of applying soundproofing materials is the same as for damping materials. Go as a second layer and apply directly to vibrodamping materials.


  1. Complete car interior assembly.


After finishing the installation, the interior of the vehicle assembled in reverse order and now you can enjoy the ride in a quiet and comfortable car. Soundproofing and damping the car will reduce noise from the chassis, pits and stones will be less audible. You will feel like you are sitting in a brand-new car.


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